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Ignorant and Blissful in Costa Rica

Unleashing my intuition, surrendering, and flowing with life always leads to extraordinary outcomes, even when they don't seem obvious at first glance.

I had the incredible opportunity to join a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, guided by the amazing Carmen L. Navratil. She is the owner of Yoga6, a serene studio nestled in Safety Harbor, Florida. The decision to embark on this journey was a spontaneous one - I didn't quite know what awaited me until shortly before departure. All I knew was that Costa Rica had been calling to my heart for quite some time, and I eagerly seized the chance to join my fellow yogis on this adventure.

Now, let me clarify, I am not exactly what you would call a "camper" at this stage of my life. I'm more of a "glamper," if you will. Had I researched this retreat beforehand, I might have hesitated to go. But I am grateful for my ignorance because it truly is bliss.

The retreat center, Tierra de Suenos Lodge, is tucked away on the picturesque East Coast of Costa Rica, right on the Caribbean side. It is about an hour north of Panama. Our journey consisted of a small plane ride from the San Jose airport, followed by an hour-long voyage through breathtaking landscapes to arrive at this incredibly remote oasis in the heart of the jungle.

No air conditioning, beds adorned with mosquito netting, open-air dining and yoga sessions, during the rainy season, limited internet access. Whew! When I eventually took the time to dig deeper and gather more details about this trip, I began to feel a bit apprehensive. My family shared in my concerns, asking, "Where on earth are you going?!" Friends and loved ones showered me with their well-intentioned advice: "Why did you choose the humid east coast?" "You do know it's rainy season, right?" "Aren't you nervous about the remoteness?" "Will you be safe?" "How can we reach you?" "Make sure you avoid the water!" "Beware of the wicked mosquitoes!" Oh my.

If I had listened to my loved ones, I might have been swayed into not going on this journey, and I would have missed out on one of the most enchanting trips of my life.

Costa Rica, in all its mystical glory, greeted me with open arms. It resonates with a gentle energy, emitting a sense of safety that permeates through its people, animals, and the sacred land. Every meal was a delightful feast of fresh, organic, locally sourced ingredients prepared with tender love and care. The sounds of the jungle - the calls of howler monkeys, the chirping of birds, the patter of rain - were surprisingly soothing. We had the privilege of connecting with the Bri Bri indigenous community and were humbled by their profound respect and devotion to Mother Earth. We had the honor of meeting a local Shaman, who cleared and blessed our spirits. We swam beneath a magnificent waterfall, shared a bonfire on the beach, and experienced guided meditation that deepened our connection to the vast ocean. And of course, we practiced yoga every day, twice a day, building bonds that will last a lifetime.

By trusting my instincts, following my intuition, and embarking on this journey to Costa Rica, I discovered a treasure more extraordinary than I could have ever imagined. I wholeheartedly believe that if I had heeded the advice to research extensively and listened to the well-intended counsel of my friends and family, I might have opted for a more conventional, resort-like experience.

But in doing so, I would have missed out on the profound connection I developed with Costa Rica, its warm-hearted inhabitants, its magnificent wildlife, and the nurturing embrace of Mother Earth.

So, my dear fellow spiritual seekers, have faith in the universe, and remain open to the wondrous experiences that come your way. Trust that the universe always has your back, guiding you to the most magical moments of your life.

Want to unleash your intuition? Just reach out! I've helped thousands of women transform and you honestly wouldn't believe the outcomes.

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