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Energy Work

Reiki & Cranial Sacral Therapy

I was first introduced to energy healing in the 1990’S.  I went to a massage therapist who was also a Reiki energy master and she incorporated the energy into her massage with me. I felt the affects immediately and was hooked.  I subsequently began training in a number of modalities which I incorporate in my work with my clients.  Reiki, Cranial sacral therapy, and PURE healing. This work can be performed on a physical table or virtually.  Both are effective.


PURE (Providing Universal Radiant Energy) Healing is an energy healing and enlightenment modality channeled from Mother Mary. PURE Healing consists of specific energy healing techniques that run LoveLight energy to bring pure divine energy through the light body. This allows healing to occur and divine light to be radiated out to others and to the world.

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